Special Cancels used by the Post Offices in the State of Vermont during 1992


Floating Bridge Station

Brookfield: January 25


WACOPEX '92 Station

Montpelier: April 11


Maple Festival Station

St. Albans: April 25


Royalton Station

Royalton: May 30

Balloon Festival Station

Essex Junction: June 6



Vermont Show Station

Burlington: June 20

Coolidge Station

Plymouth: July 4

Vermont Quilt Festival Station

Northfield: July 10


Labor Day Festival Station

Northfield: September 5


Vermont State Fair

Rutland: September 5

Forward Festival Station

Bethel: October 10


Quechee: Octobeer 25



Champex Station

Burlington: October 31, 1992

1781 Jacksons Gore Station

Mount Holly: October 31

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updated: November 24, 2007