Special Cancels used by the Post Offices
in the State of Vermont during 2015

History Fair Station

Bethel: May 9, 2015
(part of an annual series)

Floating Bridge Station
Brookfield: May 23, 2015

Opening Day Station
Montpelier: June 5, 2015
(part of an annual series)


Essex Junction: June 6, 2015
(part of a series on the Civil War)
(part of a series of CHAMPEX covers)

Fishing Derby Station
Chittenden:  June 7, 2015
(part of a series on the Fishing Derby)

Stamp Show Station
Quechee: October 3, 2015
There were two cancels available, large and small
(neither was listed in the Postal Bulletin)

Holiday Station
Plymouth: December 5, 2015
(part of a multi-year program)

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updated January 9, 2016